Prone to Wander Rolled Sleeve Ladies Tee

p2w rolled dolman.png
p2w rolled dolman.png

Prone to Wander Rolled Sleeve Ladies Tee


This stylish ladies rolled cuff top was a HIT this summer at markets. Many ladies with all body types found this fit to be perfect. Did we mention, it’s flowy and S-O-F-T?!

• Ethically sourced
• 60% cotton / 40% poly
• Rolled sleeve
• Forgiving fit
• Ladies sizing
• White ink / Brilliant blue fabric

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All shirts are hand designed, carved, and stamped so no two are alike. Mild blemishes and fades are natural and part of the unique character of each piece. For best results and longevity, wash in cold water and hang to dry. Otherwise, use and wear it like any other top: we pride ourselves on durability and long-lasting print.