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Katelynn Kazen

I currently live in Leavenworth, a little mountian town nestled in the Central Cascades of WA. I spend my days taking underprivileged youth into the wildernessvia mountineering, whitewater, and rock climbing so they can experience the reckless love of God. In my free time I play the uke, boogie board, slackline, ski, hike, and try to keep my suculents alive!

Hailey Oby

I believe a deeply personal connection happens in wilderness - a weekend spent in the woods is the best refresher.  Originally hailing from Georgia, you can now find me in Kentucky! I feel adventure and kindness are inherent traits that I'm eager to dive deeper into as my journey unfolds. The best adventures are filled up on memories with loved ones and people make the world go round!

Kiralee Harrison

Born and raised in Washington, I’m a wife and mama. My aim in life is to abide in Jesus, that I may love others well, and have an overflow of joy in everything that I do. I love being a local cross country coach, getting outside to play, Kombucha tea, and burpees! My soul is filled when I get to make nourishing food for others and hang around the campfire, sharing life with them. I've been making pure-ingredient chapstick the past four years — Joyful Lips coming soon!

Shelby DeCusati

I'm a first grade teacher in Georgia and it's been one of my greatest passions for several years. As an ambassador for Girls Who Hike, I help create community where women can connect, network, and discover together through local trails. Mountains provide me with more freedom than I can find anywhere else.

Meg D'Assis

The travel bug hit me on a trip to Australia with International Student Volunteers and as of December, I've stepped foot on all 7 continents. Even though I've traveled around the world, I still believe there is so much more to explore. When visiting new places, I like to  hit the top tourist attractions, along with exploring on my own.

Caitlin Thomas

Hi I’m Caitlin! I’m currently attending Whitworth University in Washington state in pursuit of a music degree with a minor in theology. I grew up hiking and swimming and biking all over the Cascades and through that the outdoors have become a part of who I am, not just a place I enjoy recreating in. I believe that life can be so beautiful and creative when spent doing things you truly love. In my free time you can either find me behind a piano, a book, a mountain, or possibly on a plane finding my next adventure.

Melissa Wright

I reside in the desert southwest of Arizona. I co-own a media company that specializes in professional photography and filmmaking. I'm a marketing guru, adventure seeker, mostly introvert and sometimes unicorn.

Katie Mock

I am currently in college studying to be an Engineer. Though I love continuing my education, there is no better place for me than in the mountains! There is nothing as exhilarating and breathtaking as the crisp forest air and the rugged scenery.

Jamison Knowlton

I am an avid climber, hiker, outdoorsman and father of two. I love exploring new places and trying new things. My passion is teaching my kids and showing them all that this world has to offer. I want to give my children as many unique and fun experiences as possible and I believe getting kids out into nature has a huge impact on who they become as a person.

Megan McClymont

I'm currently pursuing my Business Certification and doing it all through online college. I'm grow up most of my life on the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario, Canada. I began blogging about 4 months ago.

Felicity Neel

Physical therapy aide by day, adventurous soul by night. After years living in the valley I escaped to the mountains where I am surrounded by beauty to explore and wander to my hearts content. Run, walk, climb, ride... You name it and I'll try it- at least once.

Andrea Patz

I am 25, living in Revelstoke BC Canada with my husband Tim and my (almost) 2 year old son Phinley. We enjoy and partake in numerous outdoor activities such as hiking, hunting, camping as well as sports like snowboarding, stand up paddle boarding, snowshoeing etc! Pretty much anything that gets us active outside! I also enjoy non-outdoor activities like painting, drawing and crafting ;) We are involved in our local church and community outreach as well.

Shay Bryan

I’m currently pursuing my BS in nursing, and then plan on becoming a Nurse Practitioner and Midwife. I grew up in a family of skiers, mountain bikers, and rock my love for outdoor recreation started around age 3! My workplace is coaching skiing on our local mountain, and monthly travels to new places are always on the calendar.

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